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Glowing Halloween Card 


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Glowing Halloween Card 

Written By: BareConductive 


To complete this tutorial you will need the following: 


Bare Paint 


A4 Paper 

Coloring Pencils or Crayons 


Surface Mount LEDs UK: Farnell / US: Digi-Kev 

3V Coin Cell Battery UK: Farnell / US: Digi-Key 

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Glowing Halloween Card 

Step 1 — Glowing Halloween Card 

• Materials and Components 

• Bare Paint, Brush, A4 Paper, Coloring Pencils or Crayons, Surface Mount LEDs, and 3V 
Coin Cell Battery 

• * Make sure you buy several Batteries and LEDs for all your projects in advance to save 
on shipping charges! 

Step 2 

• Download and Print your Template 

• Download the template for your 
card here . 

• Once you have downloaded the 
template, print it out and make sure 
you read all the instructions 

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Glowing Halloween Card 

Step 3 

• Color in your Card 

• Once you have printed out your 
template on your card paper, use 
pencils or crayons to color in the 

Step 4 

• Trace the Circuit with Bare Paint 

• Following the instructions on your sheet, trace over the RED lines with your Bare Paint to 
complete the conductive circuit. 

• Make sure there is a gap where the LEDs and battery will go. Don't paint all the way 
through as this will cause a short circuit. 

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Glowing Halloween Card 

Step 5 

• Attach the LEDs to the paint 

• Look carefully at the bottom of your LED and make sure you've identified the positive (+) 
and negative (-) sides. If you're not sure which is which, test it by touching the ends to the 
battery's positive (+) and negative (-) pins. Make sure you place the LEDs in the right 
direction. Otherwise they won't light up! 

• Glue the LED to the paper using Bare Paint. 

• Make sure the paint doesn't connect between the positive (+) and negative (-) legs! 

Step 6 

• Attach the Battery to the Paper 

• Look carefully at your 3V coin cell battery, and identify which side is positive (+) and which 
is negative (-). The positive (+) side may have a green line indicating its polarity. 

• Bend the legs of the battery so that they're facing upwards, and stick them through the 
back of the paper so that they make contact with the paint on the other side. If the paint is 
not totally dry and you're worried about making a mess, you can let the paint dry first; 
otherwise make sure you're careful while handling the paper! 

• The back should look like the third image shown here. 
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Glowing Halloween Card 

Step 7 

♦ Paint over the battery legs 

• Carefully bend the battery legs that 
are sticking out so that they are 
flush with the paper, and making 
contact with the Bare Paint circuit 
you painted previously. 

Step 8 

• Let the paint dry 

• Let the Bare Paint dry for 10 
minutes. If you look carefully, you 
will notice that as time goes by the 
LEDs should get brighter! This 
happens because the paint 
increases in conductivity as it 

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Glowing Halloween Card 

Step 9 

• Fold your card 

• Once the paint has dried the LEDs 
should be glowing brightly! You can 
now fold your card over on the 
dashed line. 

Step 10 

• Congratulations! 

• You should now have a Halloween 
card with glowing lights! Well done! 

• If you would like to make another 
card, go here where you will find a 
range of other templates. 

• If you make any great drawings of 
your own please feel free to email 
them to the Bare team at so we 
can showcase them on our website 
for everyone to enjoy! 

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